The KLEZMER PLAYBOOK is a collection of 50 traditional klezmer tunes respectfully transcribed from historical sources and carefully arranged, with professionally recorded playalongs for digital download. The book is available in six versions, suitable for all instruments so you can play these tunes with every member of your ensemble. You just need the right book for your instrument! 


C-Instruments | Bb-Instruments | Eb-Instruments | Viola | Cello | Melody & Bass 

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The melodies in this book are popular tunes played at klezmer sessions around the world. They are simplified for ease of reading, written with just a few indications of articulation, phrasing and ornamentation. We have selected the tunes to include the most common dance and non-dance styles (khosidl, freylekh, bulgar, zhok/hora, waltz, honga, patsh tants, terkisher, dobriden) and ensured all the typical klezmer modes and keys are well represented. Also included are some useful worksheets on modes, accompaniment rhythms and chords as well as links to resources.

"This is a brilliant collection of tunes, and a great resource for klezmer sessions as there are so many classic tunes and the transcriptions and recordings are so clear and helpful." Adina Pressman, Klezjammers Moderator.

The  KLEZMER PLAYBOOK is transcribed, arranged, edited, performed and produced by Szilvia Csaranko and Susi Evans .