Press Reviews

Evening Standard

“There’s a deep clarinet solo from Susi Evans that broods and simmers before exploding into a wild klezmer dance to open this brilliant new album from She’Koyokh”. 

Simon Broughton, Evening Standard


“As so often in the projects that she is involved in, it is the clarinet of Susi Evans that stands out for its honeyed tone, delicate phrasing and sweet high notes".

Kazuum, Musicdeli

fROOTS Magazine

“clarinetist Susi Evans can play fast and tricksy and slow and soulful with equal aplomb.” 

Jamie Renton, fROOTS

Gramophone Magazine

“Album opener; Second Avenue Square Dance hooks listeners with Susi Evans’ seductive clarinet intro” 

Garth Cartwright, Gramophone Magazine

Sydney Morning Herald

“Evans' tone has become immeasurably richer - a sound that might eminate from a hollow tree trunk - and her swooping glissandi and other embellishments of this Eastern European Jewish idiom are now fully convinving"

John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald

Financial Times

“Ghili Bengaili is a Hungarian tune played at impossible speed on the clarinet by Susi Evans”. 

David Honigmann, Financial Times

Northern Sky Magazine

"Susi Evans drew particular praise for her clarinet contribution to The Inn Keeper's Wife and her foot tapping part in Clackety-Clack Bulgar as both brought expressions of delight from the back seat." 

Damian Liptrot, Northern Sky

Evening Standard

“The repertoire is sometimes traditional or composed by members of the band, but they are so engrossed in the idiom that it all sounds seamless. For instance, Clackety-Clack Bulgar is by Susi Evans and features an ebullient line for her on clarinet as well as the clack of tapping feet” 

Simon Broughton, Evening Standard